OPPO Find X3 Pro and NatGeo campaign for “Endangered Color”

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OPPO Find X3 Pro together with National Geographic launched the “Endangered Color” campaign to show rare animals that have attractive and beautiful colors but are threatened with extinction.

“OPPO through OPPO Find X3 Pro in collaboration with National Geographic and National Geographic Society to spearhead the ‘Endangered Color’ campaign. This campaign involved leading photographer Joel Sartore through a series of photos and short films immortalized with the OPPO Find X3 Pro. Joel Sartore’s work allows the audience to experience nature from a new perspective and discover an unimaginable colorful world, ”said Chief Creative Officer of OPPO Indonesia Patrick Owen in his statement on Sunday.

In each episode of “Endangered Color”, the work produced by Joel Sartore will focus on one special color, red, green and blue.

There are 9 endangered animal species immortalized with the OPPO Find X3 Pro camera ranging from the brilliant red panda fur to the bright blue skin of the poison dart frog, which shows the beauty of the colors that exist on this Earth.

The rate of extinction of the unique species enshrined in “Endangered Color” is so alarming that we may miss this incredible sight in the wild in no time.

With billions of recordings as vivid as true, unfiltered colors, “Endangered Color” delivers natural colors and textures with 100 percent accuracy to preserve them in the future.

By utilizing a one billion color camera and screen, the sophistication of OPPO Find X3 Pro technology is able to convey information by showing the world’s audience how amazing nature is when displayed in all its richness of hues.

“The OPPO Find X3 Pro’s microlens camera captures all detail and color beyond what can be seen with the naked eye, allowing us to see the world from a new perspective at a 60x closer look. From bark to plants, parts of nature that we might neglect in everyday life. Today, everything is transformed into a visual display of awesome patterns and colors, ”says Patrick Owen.

The ‘Endangered Color’ campaign shows the power of color against the fragility of nature as images and films explore various threats to the survival of endangered species. These films show how bland life would be without these creatures.

As part of the “Endangered Color” campaign, OPPO will donate US $ 500 thousand to the National Geographic Society to accelerate research, exploration and conservation projects of endangered species.

With this partnership, OPPO and National Geographic OPPO are working to inspire a generation of conservationists to create safer places for wildlife in the future.

Endangered Color is hosted by National Geographic explorer and photographer Joel Sartore. Joel notes biodiversity and extinction crises through Photo Ark, a lifelong project created to document all captured species, helping people to connect and care for our planet in inspirational ways.

As part of ‘Endangered Color’, Joel is challenged to capture colorful species using the OPPO Find X3 Pro in order to consider the consequences of ignoring the beauty in nature.

The films were narrated by OPPO Global Ambassador and award-winning actor, Eddie Redmayne, who were able to bring to life every story of natural beauty and fear of loss of biodiversity, as well as the hope that our actions today can save these colors tomorrow. Join OPPO in supporting the National Geographic Society and wildlife conservation efforts.