Google Meet adds data saver features

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The Google Meet video conferencing platform launches a series of new features, including one of which is a data saver.

“Today, we are announcing new innovations in Google Meet that will improve the meeting experience, regardless of how and where participants participate. In particular, we are introducing a new user interface (UI), improved reliability features powered by the latest Google AI, and tools that make meetings more interactive, “said Director of Product Management for Google Meet, Dave Citron, in a press statement, quoted on Friday.

New features in Google Meet are made to support hybrid working methods, a mixture of working online and offline (online and offline), which is widely applied during the corona virus pandemic.

Starting this month, Google Meet will be equipped with a Data Saver feature, including for users in Indonesia and Brazil, to limit cellular network data users.

Google is also updating the Meet interface for the desktop version starting next month, for video feeds, presentations and a menu at the bottom. Meet will be equipped with a feature to display an image of yourself in a meeting and various options for displaying videos that appear on the main page.

If you don’t want to see yourself, Google Meet also provides a feature to shrink and hide videos.

Meanwhile, for the presentation feature, Meet updates the content pin feature. When the pin is removed, the screen containing the presentation will be the same size as the other meeting participants.

Google Meet also promises the ability to pin multiple videos in the future.

The bottom menu will be collected in one place to make it easier for users to control. Google also moved the end call button away from the camera and microphone buttons to prevent users from accidentally exiting a video conference.

Google will also be bringing the light adjustment feature to the web version, which was previously only available on mobile devices. This feature is supported by Google AI artificial intelligence.

Meet also features an automatic Zoom feature, utilizing Google AI to zoom and place the user right in front of the camera. If the user moves, this feature will automatically adjust to keep meeting participants focused on the things that matter.

The Auto zoom feature will only be available to paid Google Workspace users.

Google Meet will also add interactive tools to the platform, in the coming weeks there will be a feature to change the background (background)